First of all, what’s a doogle?  When I was a boy my grandfather called me Doogie, and in 1986, while doodling on a calendar, I found out there were people who liked my rather strange designs.  I began expanding my doodles to lots of bright colors, and over the last 25 years have watched a lot of different reactions to what some call art, and others just nod and say, with less than enthusiasm, “well, isn’t that interesting?”  Nevertheless, when you merge Doogie and doodle. . . you get a “Doogle.”

No art lessons, no degree in the arts, just having a lot of fun making it all up as I go.  When I was in the 4th grade and had an art class twice a week, my teacher basically said I was hopeless.  She would give us a project, and for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get mine to look like what she had imagined it.  One thing I did that really frustrated her order of things was not staying inside the lines.  I didn’t know what abstract was in the 4th grade, but pretty sure that’s how she viewed my artistic viewpoint, or lack thereof; consequently,  just to make sure I don’t cause anyone to cringe at the sight of colors outside the lines. . .I create my own lines.  I assume it must have something to do with my concept of authority.

Over the past several years I have drawn quite a number of different designs, mostly for me, but at one time some of my work was in bookstores here and there, and have sold prints and posters as well.  As we build this website, I will add a few of those designs  and see what happens.

For now, I am doing something rather different.  Fun to do and simple to make available, I decided to do one of my larger doogles, cut it up into 45 small cards, and make giclees of the original available, while selling the original 2.5 x 3.5 pieces separately.  That way, you can either own one or more original “trading card” pieces or an excellent reproduction of the large design, or both

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